Car Auto Parts You Should Not Miss

Taking care of your automotive should always be your number one goal if you want it to last for long. So, what to do to take care of it?

Here we go with auto parts you should always have at the go:

  1. Best Jumpstarters with you

Car batteries can fail anytime. Do not allow yourself to be shocked. Get a jumpstarter from this website for that rainy day when your battery might fail.

best lithium ion jumpstarters

2. Engine Degreaser

When engine degreasing calls.

3.Best Wheel Locks


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The Grave Mistake made in Green Smoothies and How to Avoid it

You have heard it—that a green smoothie a day is way better than consuming loads and loads of vegetables. Well, that is true. Smoothies are a starter pack must-have for any serious weight loss candidate. However, I have noticed that most green smoothie takers are making a cardinal sin—using the same greens in their smoothies every day. If you do so, you are probably harming your body as opposed to helping it. This is because all plants contain small amounts of toxins in their chemical structure. A study at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul shows that these toxins, called alkaloids, act as a defense mechanism for the plant to fight off pathogens, predators and harsh climatic conditions. When taken in moderation, these toxins will not harm you but when taken in large quantities for a long time in that same green smoothie, they will do you more harm than good.

In animal husbandry, farmers are advised to graze their flock on different pastures after a certain period of time lest these plant toxins accumulate in the animal body harming its health. When you cook greens, the toxins will not harm you since they are denatured by the heat during frying, cooking or steaming. In a green smoothie though, the blender compresses the toxins and gives you a load of all of them as opposed to the little that you get with cooked greens. Most specifically, spinach oxalates could cause kidney stones when taken in excess. Your liver fights all ingested toxins and filters them through the kidney into your urine. When you take a large chunk of the same spinach oxalates for a long time, the liver feels overwhelmed and gives in to their destructive habits on your body vital organs.

Rotate the families

To avoid this green smoothie trap, rotate your smoothie ingredients. If you are taking spinach smoothies this week, take collard smoothie the next week and a romaine smoothie the week after next. Again, taking greens in the same family for a long time will also harm you since they contain similar toxins. To avoid this, you need to know of the different green families. There is the brassicaceae that houses kales, collards, mustard greens and bok choy. The second family amaranthaceae holds the chard, beet and spinach greens. The asteraceae has dandelion, romaine and lettuce leaf. The final green family has parsley and carrots. With the knowledge of these different families, I believe you will have a wider pool of greens to choose from as well as know what should not be rotated with what.

Once you have set up a good rotation plan, it is time to set the timelines on how often you take a certain smoothie before you switch to the other. But hey, there is no biggie on this. Once or twice a week is fine since the aim is to avoid taking the same green smoothie day in day out till your body feels exhausted by the alkaloids.

Benefit of green smoothies

We have mentioned the one great danger of the earlier perceived healthy smoothie. This post however should not be seen as a threat but rather a piece of advice on how to take the green smoothie which is really beneficial for the body. Below here, we see the benefits of the going green in your smoothies.

Richness in fiber and apt for detoxification

The great thing about green smoothies is that they are rich in fiber. Fiber provides roughage in your diet easing digestion and preventing you from complications like indigestion and bloat. Smoothies are also a great way to detoxify and cleanse your body. The plant alkaloids that we mentioned earlier have a great role to play here.
Easily Affordable and Available
Most rural households have that lush green kitchen garden laden with vegetables. If you are not a rural person, groceries as compared to other smoothie ingredients are the most affordable. You would therefore not be forgiven for citing unavailability or high cost as the reasons why you are not doing green smoothies.

Ease adaptability

If you have a sweet tooth and are worried that throwing a dash of sugar in your green smoothie will increase your blood sugar which you are really determined in keeping to the minimum, there are various health alternatives to choose from such as apple smoothies. Apples are a source of natural sugars that do not harm your body. The apple green smoothie is therefore an ideal addition for that troublesome kid who will not hear of any green smoothies in his daily diet. The blended apple combined with bananas and beets also adds a dash of color to your otherwise green-looking unpalatable smoothie. Apples when combined with collards are a rich source of Vitamin A, C and K that help to fight all types of infections in your body. An apple a day as the adage goes keeps the doctor away. Well, when mixed with your green smoothie, an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also keeps hunger pangs at bay. With suppressed appetite, you are surely making steady steps to your weight loss goals.

You can also add a dash of garcinia cambogia to the green smoothie to suppress your hunger. Garcinia cambogia as the website explains is great in reducing the serotonin levels that are responsible for hunger and depression.

Other than garcinia cambogia, there is also phenq which is made up of nopal and chromium piccolinate, great anorectic supplements that will get you to eat only what your body deserves


My Bodybuilding Journey



Welcome to Fountain Media, a website where we will  mostly be reviewing bodybuilding products. My journey in bodybuilding started sometimes ago when I realized that I really need to do something about my weight. You see back in high school, I was this introvert who would spend time in class–book worming. And therefore, other than being a geek and the class best student, I was also the most chubby. On completing high school, I looked like this kid who was feeding on meals meant for ten men for his supper. If I was depressed, I would eat. If I had something troubling me, I took to binge eating. And therefore, my love for food grew and grew strongly.

It was in college that I knew that something was wrong with me. Guys looked at me in a queer way. I knew that I needed to do something. And that is when I started thinking about my outlook very seriously. A friend recommended that I take to the gym.

At the gym, I found a very nice gym instructor who guided me through easy tasks such as using the treadmill, lifting light weights, jogging on the spot and squatting. It didn’t take long before I gained this awesome body physique. My nutritionist also guided me on selecting the best meals that would add muscles and incinerate all fats from my bodies.

At the time, campus was a den of steroids. Guys would buy what they called legal steroids but on close inspection, the steroids had adverse side effects such as acne and skin irritation. They were also not approved by the FDA. And when they stopped taking the steroids, their big bodies would deflate like balloons. It was quite a sight. Inspired by this recollections, I decided to start this blog where I will be talking about bodybuilding, healthy eating and all that is involved.

You can also read about healthy eating habits and weight loss here.