Are you a freelancer, affiliate marketer or e-commerce site looking to get better results with SEO. Well, get awesome results with my wikipedia backlinks.

We know how difficult it is to get English wikipedia links. How about if I get you Swahili Wikipedia links. They are equally good with great metrics. See the metrics below or just try to get the backlink profile of and see for yourself


Wikipedia is an authoritative site trusted by Google. It actually forms part of the Google knowledge graph. However getting a link on the site is near impossible. But what if I promised you that I could get you foreign language wikipedia links for seo at an affordable price. Well, check this out here.

Assurance in the Swahili Wikipedia Links

You will get a link that will stay for at least 6 months.

If removed, report to me and I will get another reciprocal link

What to expect

Awesome results with these links

Ranking to shoot up within 2 weeks

All you need to make sure that all the other ranking factors such as on-page are great.

Please: Do not work with exact match anchors for too many links.You may get a google penalty if overdone.



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