Welcome to Fountain Media, a website where we will  mostly be reviewing bodybuilding products. My journey in bodybuilding started sometimes ago when I realized that I really need to do something about my weight. You see back in high school, I was this introvert who would spend time in class–book worming. And therefore, other than being a geek and the class best student, I was also the most chubby. On completing high school, I looked like this kid who was feeding on meals meant for ten men for his supper. If I was depressed, I would eat. If I had something troubling me, I took to binge eating. And therefore, my love for food grew and grew strongly.

It was in college that I knew that something was wrong with me. Guys looked at me in a queer way. I knew that I needed to do something. And that is when I started thinking about my outlook very seriously. A friend recommended that I take to the gym.

At the gym, I found a very nice gym instructor who guided me through easy tasks such as using the treadmill, lifting light weights, jogging on the spot and squatting. It didn’t take long before I gained this awesome body physique. My nutritionist also guided me on selecting the best meals that would add muscles and incinerate all fats from my bodies.

At the time, campus was a den of steroids. Guys would buy what they called legal steroids but on close inspection, the steroids had adverse side effects such as acne and skin irritation. They were also not approved by the FDA. And when they stopped taking the steroids, their big bodies would deflate like balloons. It was quite a sight. Inspired by this recollections, I decided to start this blog where I will be talking about bodybuilding, healthy eating and all that is involved.

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